Selection criteria

When selecting the cases there are five key criteria that we look at:

  1. Scalability – we expect that the business of our customer’s can be scaled and repeated cost efficiently in a limited time frame.
  2. Global demand and market – The benefits of scalability can be maximized only in markets that substantial enough. Our customer’s products and services are either or they will be transformed into such, that the demand and market size together with the scalability provides good prospect for fast accumulation of value.
  3. In the market trend – Global demand and substantial market size is typically secured when our customer’s products and services supply such demand that’s driven by wider market changes. At best, our customer’s offering is or it can be altered in a way that it focuses on some of the market mega trends.
  4. Patents and IPRs – The exploitation of IPRs and patents as vehicles for competitiveness and creating growth, as well as means of exchange and creator of value in financing rounds and acquisitions is one of our core competences. We are particularly interested in those customers, which have good premises for taking advantage of patents and IPRs to accelerate growth and value creation.
  5. Team – Finally, we see our customer’s team that’s not just skillful, but especially motivated and committed, as their key success factor. Our customers may have the right team in place already. The best possible team structure will be agreed on when we start.

In the business model, we look especially for customer acquisition and retention logic, monetization logic and scalability.