The portfolio companies we’ve invested in.

  • Case: Selqee

    logo-selqee-1280Despite of the fact that training programs are in the very core of fitness training, the tools to prescribe and deliver them are far from optimal. Strength training programs are mainly a bare list of prescribed movements without an explicit and systematic plan for personally optimized weight, repetitions and resting time. There’s no real time feedback nor analysis based on actual training session for the trainee or personal trainer. This applies even into mobile app based training programs, only exception being perhaps heart rate driven cardio training apps, which however, are not optimal for strength training. The challenge has been both receiving the training program and collection of training session feedback without requiring too much fiddle from the end user. To get best training outcome the program should be created and updated based on each actualized training performance. Selqee’s Repmax does exactly that. It’s a mobile app that allows personal trainer or trainee to set a certain goal, like gain muscle mass or increase strength endurance, after which the app creates a training program which changes in real time based on actual training performance. All this with excellent user experience…Read More

  • Case: Monidor

    Monidor-logo-largeMost of intravenous infusion therapy is based on visual monitoring by humans and thus inaccurate. This causes extra work and frequent, often very serious, problems to patient safety. For instance, in abdominal surgery more accurate infusion therapy could reduce the complications by 59% and shorten the number of days in hospital by three. Monidor’s Monidrop is an automated infusion monitor. It helps the work of the nurses and improves the patient safety, saving work time of the nurses and shortening hospital stay of the patient. Unlike the competition, Monidrop is a small, very easy to use and cost efficient enough to be installed on the side of every hospital bed. Saving patient from even one extra day in hospital will pay back the device cost, reductions in the nurse’s workload makes the value proposition even stronger. As there’s over 3.5 million hospital beds in EU and US alone Monidrop has a billion-dollar market opportunity…Read More

  • Case: Fascia Clothing

    fascia-clothing-logo-18.4.2016Muscular balance is an important factor effecting the health. Imbalance can cause numerous problems, including joint injuries, back pain etc. Imbalance can be caused by numerous factors and it’s not just a problem of people who train too little. For instance, professional athletes frequently suffer this problem due to too little training of supportive muscles. Fascia Clothing’s patent pending garments prevent this problem. In effect they’re compression clothing for musculoskeltal system. The body balance is achieved by stimulating the body’s fascia-line network, i.e. utilizing the bio-tensegrity phenomena. It increases the effectiveness of any physical exercise and makes sure that it becomes balanced. In other words, also other than target muscles, including the deep inner muscles, which are maintaining the posture of the joints and the spine, will get the effect. It improves body awareness, control and coordination. Fascia Clothing is the next generation of billion-dollar compression clothing industry…Read More

  • Case: StealthCase

    stealthcase-logo-12.4.2016Modern society is increasingly dependent on wireless communications. At the same time requirements for energy efficiency in construction have been constantly increasing. Unfortunately, energy efficient construction obstructs also the radio waves causing multitude of low signal ratio related problems. While these problems can be addressed, existing methods are expensive and most of the time they do not fit into existing processes within construction industry. StealthCase tackles the problem where it is born: in the walls. The problem is solved by applying and integrating antenna technologies into construction materials making materials reradiate signals efficiently through them. Unlike traditional solutions, the cost of market adaption of these integrated structures are minimal compared to the customer dissatisfaction or competing solutions…Read More

  • Case: Valossa

    valossa logo_blue_transpCurrent video search technologies are based on keywords and thin layer of manually generated metadata. Valossa enables automated real time scene level video metadata generation (concepts, people, emotions, objects etc.) as well as natural, truly descriptive, searches, such as “Movies with Sean Connery in red pants”. This is a paradigm shift on search technology that brings computing closer to humans greatly improving human computer interaction and even allowing entirely new use cases for instance for voice controlled user interfaces and as such a billion-dollar market opportunity…Read More

  • Case: Fjuul

    Fjuul LogoFjuul is a mobile app that turns everyday activities into meaningful exercise. It provides guidance for changing daily behavior and building healthy routines to feel energized and keep in shape. Unlike most of the existing apps and gadgets the Fjuul technology has a strong scientific foundation. It translates daily, casual movement into a new measurement unit called Fjuul Points – a universal “currency” of healthy activities. They measure the intensity of movements and related energy consumption (in medical units called METs). In other words, instead of just counting the steps one takes, with Fjuul users can realize the difference of the daily choices they make, such as taking the stairs instead of using the elevator – they can now learn how the mix of intensities impact their exercise levels. This makes an excellent platform for bringing more value to the millions of mainstream users…Read More

  • Case: Foodiac

    Foodiac LogoConsumers and businesses want more unique and personal dining experiences. At the same time chefs would like to make name and have variety for their work which typical restaurant job doesn’t offer, as well as earn some extra income. Foodiac is a service to facilitate this, it allows anyone to book the best chefs around to cook at their home or corporate events. For chefs it allows easy end-to-end management of customer flow. Foodiac will disrupt the whole $33 billion in-home catering and $36 billion B2B event catering markets, while also challenging the fine-dining restaurants globally…Read More

  • Case: Fabula

    fabula-text-logo-11.8.2015Fabula is an e-books app that allows unlimited access to their e-books inventory through a Spotify type of subscription model. While being very attractive to consumers, their business model fits perfectly for publishers as well. While many players have tried to put together a successful e-books mix, Fabula has nailed to the spot on, giving them a great chance to succeed in billion dollar e-books market…Read More

  • Case: Sonic Force

    SonicForce_logoSonic Force has developed LoudBy Sound Cases, that are smart protective cover for smart phones and tablets that improves the sound quality of the device significantly. It does this by employing patent pending passive very precisely crafted horn design that redirects the sound towards the users, as well as improves the frequency band and loudness…Read More

  • Case: OptiWatti

    OptiWatti_LOGO_mintgreen_CMYKHeating and cooling are one of the most significant usages of energy in a household. At the same time most of the current electric heating systems are fairly simple, they don’t take into account factors like thermal capacity or usage patterns of the space, nor weather forecasts. OptiWatti is a fully automated system to optimize the heating that can save up to 50% of the heating costs. At the same time it improves the comfort and control by providing a very user friendly mobile app that makes the control and adjustments of the system a breeze…Read more

  • Case: Movesole

    movesole-logoA leg injury means time wasted from exercise. Immobilizing the movement is the fastest treatment for most injuries, but the speed and quality of recovery can be enhanced by progressively increasing the leg mobility. However, it’s very difficult to say, what’s enough and what’s too much. Movesole app and smart insole tells it exactly, by making a very accurate map of underfoot pressure on each step. This cuts required recovery time and cost. Furthermore Movesole can help for example casual athletes while fine tuning their running style… Read more

  • Case: CubiCasa

    cclogo-tummaProperties are one of the most valuable assets sold on a daily basis. Each time a property is sold there’s a need for a floor plan along with the other materials. However the quality of existing materials varies a lot and quite often they’re not even available in digital form. CubiCasa makes it super easy for anyone to transfer their floor plans into appealing high quality form cost efficiently and on top of that they automatically create an approximate 3D model based on the floor plan. User just submits an image of the floor plan, basically any source material will do, even something drawn into napkin. These add tremendous amount of informational value around the transaction. Furthermore there’s numerous other purposes that CubiCasa’s floor plan database can used for, like planning decoration or being used as a source material for building automation services and indoor navigation… Read more

  • Case: Asmo Charger

    ASMO Chrome Ring 2There are hundreds of millions of mobile phone and tablet chargers sold each year. At the moment the idle chargers that are left plugged-in use several nuclear plants worth of energy even when there’s now device connected. Furthermore they present fire hazard, there are numerous fires started by faulty idle chargers each year. Patented Asmo Charger solves these problems. It’s a charger that consumes zero energy when there’s no device connected. Yet at the same time it offers the same convenience than traditional chargers, by turning itself on automatically whenever a device is connected to it… Read more

  • Case: Augumenta

    augumenta-logo-27.10.2014Augmented reality (AR) might sound like a science fiction, yet there are many industrial applications where AR is being deployed already today, for instance in warehousing and service operations. Typically AR brings in loads of information in meaningful way to the task at hand that speeds up the work and reduces the number of errors. However AR hasn’t been very interactive, thus limiting the power and uses of it. AR represents paradigm shift in device user interaction and requires reliable advanced means of interaction such as hand gestures. Augumenta is forerunner here, delivering fast, reliable and energy efficient gesture detection and virtual inputs for AR interaction as an easy to integrate SDK for application and device vendors… Read more

  • Case: Ceruus

    Ceruus logo, white bgCeruus has created a reliable, low-cost and easy to implement service platform for internet of things products and services creation. The platform has a flexible data synchronization which operates reliably also in environments where there is no fixed internet gateway, i.e. when an end user device, such as smart phone is used as a gateway. This provides plenty of flexibility for products and business models. Their mass production ready reference implementation includes low cost standalone Bluetooth based internet of things hardware module that records temp / motion data and provides control when integrated to other hardware. Internet of things is one of the billion dollar megatrends and Ceruus addresses some of the key competitive factors, i.e. reliability, power consumption, ease of implementation, mobility and flexibility… Read more

  • Case: Alpakka Media

    alpakka_media_logoAlpakka Media, was born from love for stories and urge to serve the needs of the demanding audience of children. During the last few years Alpakka Media has been producing children’s games and animated television series in co-operation with Finnish Broadcasting Company channel 2. In fact their games are the most popular children’s content in TV2 with over 50M playing sessions so far. Now they’re going to leverage this huge content storage and launch series of children’s mobile games internationally… Read more

  • Case: Kyynel

    Gold_ball_hiresKyynel will change the way data is being transferred in remote areas. They are able to provide global coverage and offer similar or better quality of service than satellite communication does, without the cost of operating satellites. Kyynel’s solution requires only a low-cost radio system to provide global connectivity. This bestows huge value for e.g. shipping industry, which is currently heavily dependent on satellites. The satellite data communications is an industry worth of billions. Kyynel’s market opportunity lies in taking over the vast majority of it… Read more

  • Case: Pint Please

    Pint Please logoMicrobrewery phenomena has opened ever expanding number of options for beer drinkers, but how to choose what to drink and where to go to? Pint Please is a mobile application that makes it easy, it recommends the beer based on ones’ taste and shows the availability on pubs. In essence, Pint Please is leveraging the long tail phenomena, where people’s tastes are dividing into smaller segments and at the same time creating a need for personally tailored information. Beer industry, including the pubs, is a huge industry involving hundreds of millions consumers and xx of marketing money. While Pint please offers a convenient marketing channel for beer industry and pubs, it also allows the consumers easily find what they like. It’s a true win-win for both… Read more

  • Case: NaturVention

    NaturVention logoNaturVention has developed a fully automated living green wall that cleans the indoor air from multitude of harmful substances exactly the way nature does, by using living plants. Even more so, they’ve come up a way to make the process 100 fold more efficient. Furthermore the system naturalizes indoor air breaking harmful chemicals, increasing the amount of natural chemicals and oxygen in the air and ensuring healthier humidity levels. By doing this they have been able to eliminate many of the indoor air quality related problems, for instance reducing sick leaves in many occasions, not to mention the improved quality of life for people involved. The market opportunity is simply put huge, there are billions of people suffering of bad quality indoor air on daily bases, especially in Asia… Read more

  • Case: Sapotech

    Sapotech logoMonitoring super-hot processes, like casting steel, has traditionally been problematic. Due the extreme heat and constant motion one cannot actually see what’s happening inside the processes and traditional camera-systems just can’t take it either. Yet whenever there’s a problem undetected it may cost hundreds of thousands or even millions to a steel mill. Sapotech has invented a laser based imaging solution that allows one to see with unprecedented detail into hot processes. More importantly, due their novel hardware, industrial internet software platform and SAAS -based business model, they’re able to install the system as well as prove the value for the steel mill within days. The approach makes sales cycles extremely short. It’s revolutionary concept in traditionally slow moving industrial automation industry… Read more

  • Case: Sarokal Test Systems

    Sarokal Test Systems logoWith traditional testing equipment every product generation has required new set of testing equipment as well, costing hundreds of thousands or even millions for network equipment manufacturers. Sarokal has created a new kind of testing equipment platform to test network interfaces where software plays a major role, therefore requiring only minimal hardware update. This novel approach doesn’t just save money between product generations, but also enables multiple uses of same equipment within organization as well as totally new use cases for testing. For instance hardware testing as a part of ongoing embedded software development has often been just too expensive. There’s a hundred million dollar market for equipment like this and Sarokal’s software oriented approach makes them very cost efficient as well as allows faster than usual scale-up due these additional use cases within organization… Read more

  • Case: Real Source

    Realsource logoRealsource is a commercial real estate marketplace. It is an online service for investors to find commercial real estate and a very efficient way of selling commercial real estates for sellers. For the investor Realsource gives all the information the investor needs to decide to commit to a bidding process. On the other hand it helps the seller find as many potential investors as possible thus helping to get better selling price. The total annual transaction volume in commercial real estate sector was between 30-35 billion USD in the Nordics and appr. 200 billion USD in 2013 in the EMEA, the trend being rising. Based on current agreements Realsource will get 0.2% of transaction volume. This results 70M revenue potential in Nordics alone and 400M in Europe… Read more

  • Case: Conexbird

    Conexbird logo Containers do over 135 million overseas trips per year. During every fifth of those trips something goes wrong, for instance due to container condition, accumulating over 7 billion in damages annually. Conexbird has invented a method to inspect the changes in container condition and its contents within a few seconds while lifting the container simply by touching it. There is no heavy investment required for checking equipment and no interruption nor changes required to handling and logistic chain. Furthermore the cost per check is just a fraction compared to any other method currently available. This represents true quantum leap within container transportation business, not just cost of container maintenance point of view, but also what comes to costs related to smuggling and container security… Read More

  • Case: Laturi

    Laturi logoThe first step for a Personal Trainer with a new client is always to start with a fitness assessment. Traditionally this time consuming process requiring heavy and expensive equipment limits the number of clients personal trainers can serve. Laturi has designed a way to carry out fitness assessment quickly and efficiently. With the Energy Test, one personal trainer is able to test up to 400 people in just a week, the improvement is several folds compared to traditional means. The web based Energy Service and the Energy Test equipment is easy to carry, inexpensive and highly mobile. As a result of the Energy Test person gets an Energy Index, which tells the time that peak energy output can be experienced, whether at work, performing routine chores or engaging in recreational activities. Energy Index tells the benefit of being fit in such a way that gets people excited about taking care of their well being… Read More

  • Case: CreateTrips

    CreateTrips logoPeople want to plan their trips together with family and friends. Furthermore they want to have the travel planning, tips and advices available offline without data roaming charges when they travel. CreateTrips is a social trip planner for the smart traveler. It allows users to draw information from sources such as Foursquare, Instagram and others into a digital map sheet and package it into downloadable travel plans that can be shared with fellow travelers. CreateTrips is not just another trip planner; in addition to already excellent product they have loads of differentiating features under development as well… Read More

  • Case: CaddieON

    CaddieOn LogoProfessional athletes use all available information to improve their performance. In golf, collecting the data requires a load of statisticians who follow the players and record each shot. Amateur golfers would love to have the same means to improve their performance as well. However, all the prior solutions either require too much concentration on manual data collection or one needs to pay big money for a live caddie to do the job. CaddieON allows automated golf data collection. The patent pending product enables the round events to be recorded shot by shot, shared and broadcasted in real time. Even better, player can compare his performance with other players and compete in all game details, not only with total round score. Instead of gadgets, you get to focus on game and play better. Now, that’s a strong value proposition for a golfer… Read More

  • Case: Fourdeg

    Fourdeg LogoEvery property owner knows that heating costs are rising year by year. Most means to save the costs are either too expensive or do not save enough to make sense economically. Sounds depressing, doesn’t it? But not for long; Fourdeg is developing a product for water radiators heated buildings that will ensure both the energy savings as well as improved comfort temperature control with a superfast investment payback. Even better, the product can be installed within minutes and installation doesn’t require professional training. If something, that’s better with less… Read More

  • Case: WhileOnTheMove

    While On The Move logoThe first product of WhileOnTheMove is Daisy – a complete day care solution. Daisy includes mobile applications to day care employees and child-minders, mobile/web service to day care management and mobile/web service to parents. Real life tests have shown that in a city of 100 000 habitants Daisy can relocate over 65 000 hours of manual paperwork into more important tasks; taking care of the children. Furthermore a single 24/7 daycare unit can save up to 180 000€ a year by deploying Daisy to allow parents easily inform their weekend day care needs. This value proposition together with the fact that Europe alone represents over 100 million euro market potential for such product clearly makes the case… Read More

  • Case: Cadfaster

    Cadfaster LogoUse of 3D information is growing and the models used are getting more complex. Furthermore it’s not just the designers running heavy duty workstations, but many different kinds of interest groups, such as construction workers at the construction site, who need to access and collaborate with the models. CadFaster enables this in real time with a Dropbox type of business model. Their technology is more efficient than any other on the planet, enabling the use of even the most detailed models also on mobile devices such as iPad… Read More

  • Case: NWGTools

    NWG Tools logoTiling in construction sites is traditionally labor intensive and requires plenty of manual work. NWGTools has invented a patent pending method that will improve the efficiency of tiling by 20-150%. As the construction business is heavily competed and margins of subcontractors low the efficiency increase means over 200% increase in the margin of an average tiling contract. With such market dynamics there’s no one who could afford not to use NWGs method once it’s launched. That’s a real revolution in the tiling… Read More

  • Case: FilmMe Group

    FilmMe LogoPeople want to create interesting content of their activities. For instance helmet cameras have spread like a wildfire. Yet there’s been only one way to get footage of yourself in action; having someone else filming you. Usually it’s either difficult, expensive or both to shoot a high quality video of yourself and share it in social media. FilmMe has a unique solution to this need. FilmMe is a patent pending automated camera system that shoots professional quality HD video of the subject without a cameraman. It tracks the movement, pans and zooms as needed and finally sends the video automatically to ones’ FilmMe account. The whole process is initiated with a press of single button. That’s easy… Read More

  • Case: MyPose

    MyPose LogoRight now brick and mortar stores have huge challenges while integrating into digital world and competing with their online counterparts. Yet, as they’ll let the consumers really see and feel the products they’re invaluable piece for both the brand owners and consumers. MyPose bridges this gap. MyPose is digital fitting room display that allows great fitting experience and social feedback for the consumer. More importantly however, it’s an effective social marketing tool for both the stores as well as brand owners. It provides additional revenue stream from brand owner campaigns for stores as well as make their own marketing easy and cost efficient. It’s a game changer for the fashion industry… Read More

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