Case: Pint Please

Pint Please logoMicrobrewery phenomena has opened ever expanding number of options for beer drinkers, but how to choose what to drink and where to go to? Pint Please is a mobile application that makes it easy, it recommends the beer based on ones’ taste and shows the availability on pubs. In essence, Pint Please is leveraging the long tail phenomena, where people’s tastes are dividing into smaller segments and at the same time creating a need for personally tailored information. Beer industry, including the pubs, is a huge industry involving hundreds of millions consumers and xx of marketing money. While Pint please offers a convenient marketing channel for beer industry and pubs, it also allows the consumers easily find what they like. It’s a true win-win for both.


Pint Please makes it easy to find the beer you like and the venues selling it. Pint Please recommends the beer according to your previous taste.

Prior to Butterfly’s investment Pint Please had made a test launch in Finland with promising metrics, acquired several paying customers and secured the key partnerships for UK launch.

“We love the beer and Pint Please is in the heart of one of the biggest trends in the world, the long tail. Traditional marketing has been just push, push, push -type, whereas Pint Please is really about the ones taste and allowing pubs and breweries to meet the taste. Everyone wins; we, beer lovers get better beer, breweries will know what kind of beer they should brew and pubs know what they should offer. At the same time, it’s a hundred million market opportunity. We’ve kept the Butterfly guys in the loop from the very beginning. The ongoing dialogue with them has helped us along the way a lot for instance with the business model. It seemed just natural to bring them in, when we had initial market proof and felt we’re ready for going international.” (Juha Karppinen, CEO of Pint Please)

Butterfly invested into Pint Please because of very promising business model with huge market that has shown to be able to generate significant revenue early on, already without millions of users they’re aiming at. This type of monetization capability is very rare among mobile applications. Furthermore the team represents excellent mix of technological and marketing talent as well as enthusiasm towards beer. The communication and co-operation has been easy. Butterfly’s investment will be used for UK launch and further development of the application as well as securing the first major international customers.

Case: CreateTrips

CreateTrips logoPeople want to plan their trips together with family and friends. Furthermore they want to have the travel planning, tips and advices available offline without data roaming charges when they travel. CreateTrips is a social trip planner for the smart traveler. It allows users to draw information from sources such as Foursquare, Instagram and others into a digital map sheet and package it into downloadable travel plans that can be shared with fellow travelers. CreateTrips is not just another trip planner; in addition to already excellent product they have loads of differentiating features under development as well.

CreateTrips app allows easy travel planning together with the people they're traveling with, best of all you can package the travel plan, including the maps and directions into a offline accessible package and thus avoid the roaming charges.

CreateTrips app allows easy travel planning together with the people they’re traveling with, best of all you can package the travel plan, including the maps and directions into a offline accessible package and thus avoid the roaming charges.

Prior to investment CreateTrips had released the first version of their app in Apple’s New Zealand App Store which made it into Top 10 app there just in five days. Global launch is a matter of a few weeks.

”First of all, we can’t be any happier. Seed round – split between Butterfly Ventures and Rkapital – allows the three of us to continue working on CreateTrips full time. We’re building CreateTrips because this is what we love doing – building things that make it easier to do travel planning with friends. Butterfly Ventures offers us an opportunity to have a unique international connections and business development knowledge that is very rare to find from Finnish investors.” (Juha-Petteri Kukkonen, Founder of CreateTrips, Inc.)

Butterfly invested into CreateTrips because the team has excellent background for such venture, including app development, marketing and travel industry knowledge. The market potential is hundreds of millions and there’s clever business model with re-occurring revenue stream, as well as network effects that both ease up the distribution through virality and provide some long term protection from the competition. Butterfly investment will be used to validate the customer acquisition path and business model, as well as establish the required metrics to leverage the valuation up for follow-on financing rounds.

CreateTrips was founded by Juha-Petteri Kukkonen, Jarkka Salminen and Jesse Luoto. Juha-Petteri Kukkonen has been working as a strategist and director for Mindshare Worldwide and Grey Global before quitin’ his day job. Jarkka Salminen is a former rapper and independent game developer. Jesse Luoto was a developer at Activeark JWT before joining the CreateTrips team.