Bill Reichert in Oulu


Two day startup workshop just about to begin. Ville Heikkinen discussing with Bill Reichert (Garage Technology Ventures)

Business Oulu organized a two day workshop 22.-23.3. together with Takomo and Upswing. We had a pleasure to work along with such people as Bill Reichert (Garage Technology Ventures), Tero Ojanperä (Vision+), Joakim Achrén (My Next Games Company), Juuso Nissilä (Valkee), Harry Santamäki (KoppiCatch) and several others.

The first day went through with presentations, there were also a panel and finally a FIBAN event. During the second day one of our partners Juho Risku and Bill Reichert from Garage Technology Ventures coached startups in pitching. It was great to see such long term startup professional in work, truly great insight. However, even better was the fact that the quality of pitches has improved, not just by my opinion but also according to Bill.

Startup weekend in Astana, Kazakhstan


Startup Weekend 17.-19.5. at Astana, Kazakhstan. One of the things we liked there, is the pretty concrete approach into a customer development. On Friday there were just ideas, on Sunday some were actually already selling something for real money, i.e. testing their product as well as channels. Here’s the future fast food chain in the making, one of the first sales of their.

Astana Innovations arranged a Startup Weekend event 17.-19.5. One of our partners, Juho Risku were coaching there along with a great local coaching team and such international startup professionals as Maxim Shekhovtsov (Genezis Capital), Nikolay Savin (GrowthUP) and Karl Johannesson (Widsith Consulting).

In addition to fast food case mention above there were web and mobile startups as well as some around such ideas as waste handling and green energy. During the weekend almost 100 ideas were condensed into roughly 20 startup teams. The teams carried out customer surveys, did sales call trials, built prototypes and prepared their pitch presentations. For instance there were several launch ready web sites developed. It was great to see such amount of young people working towards new startups in such a concrete way.