Case: Fjuul

Fjuul LogoFjuul is a mobile app that turns everyday activities into meaningful exercise. It provides guidance for changing daily behavior and building healthy routines to feel energized and keep in shape. Unlike most of the existing apps and gadgets the Fjuul technology has a strong scientific foundation. It translates daily, casual movement into a new measurement unit called Fjuul Points – a universal “currency” of healthy activities. They measure the intensity of movements and related energy consumption (in medical units called METs). In other words, instead of just counting the steps one takes, with Fjuul users can realize the difference of the daily choices they make, such as taking the stairs instead of using the elevator – they can now learn how the mix of intensities impact their exercise levels. This makes an excellent platform for bringing more value to the millions of mainstream users.

Fjuul offers great user experience and it has been globally featured numerous times.

Fjuul offers great user experience and it has been globally featured numerous times.

Prior to Butterfly’s investment Fjuul had released a second version of its top rated mobile app, which had been globally featured by Apple frequently, secured pre-install deal of the demo app with Apple retail stores as well as being hand-picked as one of the few partners during the Apple Watch launch.

“We appreciate the open communication we have had from day one with the Butterfly team and quickly learned that we get a lot of ideas and expertise on our business model, the proper metrics, and how we could jointly move Fjuul towards our set monetization schemes. In particular, we feel that we get ‘out of the box’ thinking, a down to earth partnership, and a creative approach for further value creation, including some synergetic options within the current portfolio investments and related learnings.” (Sascha Wischek, CEO of Fjuul)

Butterfly invested into Fjuul because they have been able to package the value beyond the steps into a great user experience that could appeal even to the mainstream user groups that aren’t interested of traditional testosterone packed sports tracking applications. This is also confirmed by their strong relationship with Apple. In addition, Fjuul shows very promising metrics and extraordinarily active core user group. They have a great experienced team that has demonstrated their execution capability as well as V3 plans with an appealing value proposition. Butterfly’s investment will be used to develop and launch the V3 product suite and test the new business model and value proposition.

Case: Foodiac

Foodiac LogoConsumers and businesses want more unique and personal dining experiences. At the same time chefs would like to make name and have variety for their work which typical restaurant job doesn’t offer, as well as earn some extra income. Foodiac is a service to facilitate this, it allows anyone to book the best chefs around to cook at their home or corporate events. For chefs it allows easy end-to-end management of customer flow. Foodiac will disrupt the whole $33 billion in-home catering and $36 billion B2B event catering markets, while also challenging the fine-dining restaurants globally.

Foodiac connects the best chefs around with the consumers.

Foodiac connects the best chefs around with the consumers.

Prior to Butterfly’s investment Foodiac has proven the business model locally in Finland by attracting nearly 100 service providers, generating superb metrics, including >1000% google ads ROI, nearly 100k€ incoming monthly RFQs and over 150k€ worth of revenue.

“The market of in-home and event catering are completely untapped markets. Also the restaurant industry has trouble matching the growing requirements of customers. We at Foodiac noticed this opportunity and the response from the markets has been amazing. We’re glad to have Butterfly backing us both financially and with the wide experience they have in growing startups. We just launched in United Arab Emirates and the metrics look even better than in Finland. We are further expanding the concept to Germany in 2015 and using the knowledge of Butterfly to plan the next steps in conquering the world.” (Miikka Mäkiö, CEO of Foodiac)

Butterfly invested into Foodiac because of very professionally carried proof of business pilot in Finland with extraordinary metrics. The team is hard working, smart, agile and capable of delivering results professionally. Butterfly’s investment will be used to validate the business model in international markets outside of Finland.