Butterfly Ventures invites a new partner into the team

Butterfly Ventures continues to grow and invites Mr. Ville Heikkinen to join as a Partner to develop its early stage focused venture funds and portfolio companies. Mr. Heikkinen was previously a commercial lawyer in Finland and USA specializing on technology transactions and venture capital. In addition, Mr. Heikkinen has had a strong role in the development of Finnish startup ecosystem.

”Butterfly has within a short period of time developed a successful model to invest into the most dynamic market segment, early stage companies. I am very excited in the opportunity of creating new Finnish success stories as a member of this team and bringing effectiveness into early stage investments.” says Heikkinen.

”From the investor’s point of view, the number and quality of Finnish startups is very good at the moment. Having Ville in our team enables us to respond better to the market opportunity. We are well prepared to manage the vast deal flow, increase our investment volume, and speed up the development of our portfolio companies even better than earlier.” added Mr. Matti Kanninen, the CEO of Butterfly Ventures.

Mr. Heikkinen strengthens the already versatile team of Butterfly and focuses especially on increasing the investment activity and commercializing products and services of the portfolio companies.

Enquiries and additional information

Matti Kanninen, managing partner
Phone: +358 (40) 5455877
Email: matti@butterfly.vc

Butterfly Ventures

Butterfly Ventures is an early stage focused startup development and venture fund management company located in Oulu, Finland. Behind the company are Matti Kanninen, Antti Kosunen and Juho Risku as well as Board members Jukka Mäkinen and Jari Pasanen. Butterfly Ventures has offices in Oulu and Helsinki.

Web: http://butterfly.vc

Northern Startup Funds – Leverage from the EU

Northern Startup Fund is a venture capital fund managed by Butterfly Ventures that invests into early stage startups. It is the first asymmetric fund in Finland. In the case of Northern Startup Funds the asymmetry means that the public investor, which benefits also in a form of tax income, lowers the risk of a private investor by offering a possibility for returning the invested capital and profit share before the public investor. From the private investors’ point of view this improves the risk – return expectation ratio significantly. The public investors in the Northern Startup Funds are the City of Oulu and the European Regional Development Fund (the Northern Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development, the European Union). The investment capital of Northern Startup Fund is at the moment 10 million euro.


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