Just another day as a VC

Vesa and Juho after swim

We were swimming in ice together with the team of one of our portfolio companies, Laturi. Here’s Vesa and Juho after the swim.

One of the most interesting aspects of working in a VC company is the variety of things one get to see, learn and experience. During the first operational year we’ve looked through about 300 companies, including their business plans, flew around the world, prepared patent papers, crafted viral metrics, simulated business models, recruited and negotiated deals for our portfolio companies and met literally thousands of people. Yes, it’s about doing, it’s about learning, it’s about learning fast. Pretty much the same stuff our portfolio companies do – though from a different perspective.

Anyways, here’s an example of a day (today) with some stranger end of things we had a chance to experience; first some email, meetings, the normal stuff. Then an interview with Kauppalehti + swimming in the ice with the team of one of our portfolio companies, Laturi. They’re preparing for Polar Bear Pitching you see… and this sort of strange things happen pretty often.

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