Butterfly Ventures Invests Into New Startups

The ramp up of Butterfly Ventures investment activities continues at high pace; it has selected four new investment targets. The companies are: CadFaster, WhileOnTheMove, CaddieON and Fourdeg. With Butterfly Ventures investing in them, the companies will speed up their market-entry and accelerate their internationalization.

CadFaster is employing a modern business model and lean customer centric product development methods. Therefore we also needed an investor who really understands these.” told Raimo Kuismin, Chairman of CadFaster, Inc., “The real added value investor makes the difference. The role of Butterfly while creating our business model and moving towards lean startup practices has been instrumental already before the investment.” he added.

The first investment rounds vary between approximately 40 000 and 250 000 euro, from which the Butterfly Ventures share varies from 20 000 to nearly 70 000 euro. In addition, parties have agreed on the milestone tied follow-on funding that may increase the total investment of Butterfly Ventures up to 500 000 euro per company.

One can divide the investment targets roughly into two distinct groups; pre-seed stage companies where our investment enables the first stages of product development and seed stage companies where the focus is on product and business model validation.” said Matti Kanninen, CEO of Butterfly Ventures.

Butterfly Ventures will make first time investments in approximately ten new target companies per year. Due to investments announced now the number of invested companies rises up to seven for the year 2013. Furthermore, as some of the portfolio companies have already met the performance targets set for the follow-on investment round, follow-on investments are becoming current.

Enquiries and additional information

Matti Kanninen, managing partner
Phone: +358 (40) 5455877
Email: matti@butterfly.vc

Butterfly Ventures

Butterfly Ventures is an early stage focused startup development and venture fund management company located in Oulu, Finland. Behind the company are Matti Kanninen, Antti Kosunen and Juho Risku as well as Board members Jukka Mäkinen and Jari Pasanen. Butterfly Ventures has offices in Oulu and Helsinki.

Web: http://butterfly.vc

Northern Startup Fund

Northern Startup Fund is a venture capital fund managed by Butterfly Ventures that invest into early stage startups. It is the first asymmetric fund in Finland. In the case of Northern Startup Fund the asymmetry means that the public investor, which benefits also in a form of tax income, lowers the risk of a private investor by offering a possibility for returning the invested capital and profit share before the public investor. From the private investors’ point of view this improves the risk – return expectation ratio significantly. The investment capital of Northern Startup Fund will be 10 million €, half of which comes from the City of Oulu and the other half from private investors.


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