Socializing Friday at Business Kitchen


Juho Risku 22.3. talking at Socializing Friday event at Business Kitchen. The other two in yellow shirts are: Janne Salmi one of the Socializing Friday team members in middle and lean entrepreneur Ola Sundell on right.

Juho took part at interesting opening discussion at Socializing Friday. Ola said that he’s is still looking for the barber shop offering coffee while getting his hair cut and we were asked if Butterfly would finance in barber shop offering coffee also. Antti told other participants to look at us and guess if we would be interested in such business (we are almost bold and Juho is known to shave his own head). Juho said that we could consider investing in a new service business opportunity for somebody to serve coffee to all customers of any barber shop. So if not money from us, then at least new ideas. 🙂 But more seriously we again had some very interesting conversations with potential tech investment targets. Thanks for the Socializing Friday team for the opportunity to be there. Oulu rocks!