Butterfly Venture Fund III

Butterfly Venture Fund III is an early stage focused venture capital fund managed by Butterfly Ventures. The fund focuses on hardware and deep tech companies whose business is built around unique, often protected and hard to reproduce technology.

One of the focus areas of the fund is research based innovation and co-operation with universities that Butterfly Ventures has established relationships with. The fund is particularly interested in seed stage companies with high growth potential. While most of the target companies will be from Finland, the fund will also invest elsewhere in the Nordics and the Baltics.

The size of the fund is capped at 24 million euro, and the investors of the fund include Tekes Venture Capital Ltd, pension insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, and family offices. The fund is managed by joint forces with US and Sweden based Capital A Partners (CAP A).

  • Location: Finland
  • Fund target size: 24 M€
  • Investors: Tekes Venture Capital Ltd., pension insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, and family offices
  • Fund type: Early stage focused venture capital fund
  • Operation period: 2016 – 2026
  • Investment period: 2016 – 2020

Investor enquiries:

Matti Kanninen, managing partner
Phone: +358 (40) 5455877
Email: matti@butterfly.vc

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