First investment by Butterfly Venture Fund III in

Butterfly Ventures has just closed its first investment from their latest fund, Butterfly Venture Fund III. The company invested in, an easy-to-use positioning platform that acts as a glue between the physical world and mobile devices, connecting all existing mobile positioning hardware and software into one developer-friendly product. The investment is syndicated with previous investors, a group of Finnish and Danish business angles.

“ operates in a very interesting and one of the fastest growing market segments, mobile positioning. Indoor positioning alone is estimated to grow from 4 billion to 23 billion USD during the next five years.” explains Juho Risku, Founding Partner at Butterfly Ventures “ is a well packaged, easy to use product and is capable of offering first class customer support. Both facts have been confirmed by the customers we interviewed. Additionally, the customer traction as well as other early growth metrics look promising. It’s also refreshing to see a female entrepreneur in the startup scene.”, he adds.

Since it’s launch in January 2017, Butterfly Venture Fund III aims to invest in 10 new portfolio companies annually for the next four years. Like in the case of, which is a late seed case, the entry point of Butterfly Ventures is typically a bit earlier than most venture funds, at the seed or even early seed stage. The fund is focused on hardware and software directly interfacing with hardware and deep tech companies.

“We’re aiming high; We’re going to be the go-to platform for enterprises and mobile developers for implementing positioning. Butterfly Ventures shared our vision. We also saw their expertise in the intersection of hardware and software, their strong portfolio and their international reach as invaluable assets to us. As it happens, our offices are also located next to each other at the Maria 0-1 startup hub. The co-operation will certainly be very efficient.” says CEO and Co-founder of, Annina Koskiola.

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Butterfly Venture Fund III starts investing, two new American partners join in

Butterfly Ventures starts investing today from the new Butterfly Venture Fund III. The target size of the fund is 24 million euro. The fund focuses on hardware and deep tech companies whose business is built around unique, often protected and hard to reproduce technology. Butterfly Ventures is joining forces with US and Sweden based Capital A Partners (CAP A) for the new fund.

One of the focus areas of the fund is research based innovation and co-operation with universities that Butterfly Ventures has established relationships with. The fund is particularly interested in seed stage companies with high growth potential. While most of the target companies will be from Finland, the fund will also invest elsewhere in the Nordics and the Baltics.

The expansion of operations brings into the new fund two American partners from CAP A, Tanya Marvin-Horowitz, based in Stockholm, and David Mendez, based in the United States. One of portfolio companies in CAP A’s Fund I, Svenska Aerogel, listed in December 2016 to the Stockholm First North. CAP A is also a co-investor alongside Butterfly Ventures in portfolio company, Conexbird.

“We are so excited to be working with such a successful and experienced Butterfly team as we embark on our first Nordic-based fund. CAP A has made investments in the Nordics since 2013; however, our partnership with Butterfly establishes a more substantial presence here and provides more resources to help build our portfolio companies into successful global enterprises.” states Tanya Marvin-Horowitz, Managing Partner at CAP A.

With the new fund, the Butterfly Ventures team will have nearly 40 million euro under management. To date, Butterfly Ventures has invested in 40 portfolio companies and in the light of Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) statistics it has had roughly 15% – 20% market share of all the early stage first time investment rounds invested by venture capital funds in Finland. In addition, CAP A has invested in 18 portfolio companies, 7 of which are Nordic based.

“Butterfly Ventures was the first VC we spoke with. The co-operation started a year and half before the seed investment round. When we needed the funding, everything worked out really fast. It was particularly important for us, that in addition to funding, we got on board a VC who we trusted and with whom the co-operation was working really well.”, noted Toni Linden, the CEO of KNL Networks.

“The help we’ve gotten, particularly immediately after the first investment round has been invaluable. The co-operation with Butterfly Ventures has always been fruitful, constructive and such that it supports the entrepreneur. Whenever I have asked, they have helped us. Therefore, it’s very easy to recommend Butterfly Ventures to my fellow entrepreneurs.”, says Aki Soudunsaari, the CEO of Naava.

A significant portion of Butterfly Ventures’ current portfolio companies deal with deep tech and hardware, such as KNL Networks, Optiwatti, Naava, Valossa, Sarokal Test Systems, Conexbird, Sapotech and Asmo Solutions.

”Of our existing portfolio, those companies who have had a hardware component have developed faster than others. This can be seen both in their revenues as well as valuation. Furthermore, many of our most interesting companies, for instance KNL Networks and Valossa, have research based roots. It’s natural that the focus of the new fund is steered towards this direction.”, states Juho Risku, Partner of Butterfly Ventures.

”The fact that Finland has very good hardware knowledge explains part of it. During the last few years, hardware development has become easier and more cost efficient. We also believe that one of our key success factors has been the very conscious, open and constructive co-operation with our portfolio companies. We have a good reputation and we get plenty of leads through the entrepreneurs of our existing portfolio companies.”, adds Ville Heikkinen, Partner of Butterfly Ventures.

Initial investors of Butterfly Venture Fund III include Tekes Venture Capital Ltd, Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Fennia Mutual Insurance Company, Tradeka-invest Ltd, AI-Partners Ltd, LocalTapiola Pohjoinen Mutual Insurance Company and Gerako Ltd. The fund may accept additional investors until the final closing.

”We haven’t invested in such an early stage venture funds before, but the focus area of the new Butterfly Ventures’ fund along with the versatility of the team and the success of their earlier investments convinced us. We have researched several funds and this was suitable for Fennia’s investment portfolio.”, says Eero Eriksson, Deputy Managing Director of Fennia.

This first closing of the fund is nearly 13 million euro. The final closing of the fund will be done during 2017 and the size will be capped at 24 million euro.

”The rapid start with professional investors who have plenty of experience of investing into venture capital funds tells that we’re trusted. Naturally, the significant commitments of large institutional investors and Tekes Venture Capital are a good sign.”, explains the CEO of Butterfly Ventures, Matti Kanninen, “The success of our portfolio companies has helped also; for example, KNL Networks’ 9 million Series A round, which was one of the largest A rounds in 2016 in Scandinavia, and crowd funding of Asmo Solutions, which was closed just in two days, faster than any other over million crowd funding campaign in Finland. The fresh triple victory of Optiwatti at the nationwide Kasvu Open could also be mentioned.”

Enquiries and additional information

Matti Kanninen, managing partner
Phone: +358 (40) 5455877


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Case: Selqee

logo-selqee-1280Despite of the fact that training programs are in the very core of fitness training, the tools to prescribe and deliver them are far from optimal. Strength training programs are mainly a bare list of prescribed movements without an explicit and systematic plan for personally optimized weight, repetitions and resting time. There’s no real time feedback nor analysis based on actual training session for the trainee or personal trainer. This applies even into mobile app based training programs, only exception being perhaps heart rate driven cardio training apps, which however, are not optimal for strength training. The challenge has been both receiving the training program and collection of training session feedback without requiring too much fiddle from the end user. To get best training outcome the program should be created and updated based on each actualized training performance. Selqee’s Repmax does exactly that. It’s a mobile app that allows personal trainer or trainee to set a certain goal, like gain muscle mass or increase strength endurance, after which the app creates a training program which changes in real time based on actual training performance. All this with excellent user experience.

Repmax is not just a tool for personal trainer to design and deliver personalized training programs to their customers, but also a tool for the end user to get the real time feedback based on training performance. Repmax automatically adjusts the training program during the training and allows in-depth analysis of the training performance after it.

Repmax is not just a tool for personal trainer to design and deliver personalized training programs to their customers, but also a tool for the end user to get the real time feedback based on training performance. Repmax automatically adjusts the training program during the training and allows in-depth analysis of the training performance after it.

Prior to Butterfly’s investment Selqee had bulk of the Repmax-product development ready as well as a number of well know personal trainers lined up for piloting the product.

“The health apps are one of the largest segments in app business. Yet, at the same time it’s very challenging to provide real, tangible added value while keeping the user experience at the top level. Based on feedback by top personal trainers, such as Jaana Kotkansalo, we’ve succeeded here. Butterfly has been very helpful from the beginning. We value particularly their coaching type of attitude and the frank, to the point, relations with them. Also, we are pleased of their great networks and ‘been there, done that’ experience in this segment. Already prior to the investment we went through numerous discussions that helped us to clarify the idea and business model” (Juuso Nissilä, CEO of Selqee)

Butterfly invested into Selqee because of founder team with plenty of both domain and startup experience, their deep insight into sports science as well as physiology and a product idea that addresses most of the end user issues in current gym training applications. Butterfly’s investment will be used to finalize and launch the first product version, validating the end user traction and securing the first few paying customers.

Case: Monidor

Monidor-logo-largeMost of intravenous infusion therapy is based on visual monitoring by humans and thus inaccurate. This causes extra work and frequent, often very serious, problems to patient safety. For instance, in abdominal surgery more accurate infusion therapy could reduce the complications by 59% and shorten the number of days in hospital by three. Monidor’s Monidrop is an automated infusion monitor. It helps the work of the nurses and improves the patient safety, saving work time of the nurses and shortening hospital stay of the patient. Unlike the competition, Monidrop is a small, very easy to use and cost efficient enough to be installed on the side of every hospital bed. Saving patient from even one extra day in hospital will pay back the device cost, reductions in the nurse’s workload makes the value proposition even stronger. As there’s over 3.5 million hospital beds in EU and US alone Monidrop has a billion-dollar market opportunity.

Prior to Butterfly’s investment Monidor had built a functional demo device and verified the designs with customers, conducted successful market research, started the development of production version as well as secured financing from number of angel investors and TEKES.

“Rheumatologist Antti Puolitaival, Co-founder of Monidor, noticed several years ago that traditional infusion monitoring devices are too complex for wider use in hospitals. That’s why we developed Monidrop. Clinicians’ and especially nurses’ feedback has been positive. It’s small and easy to use – that’s why they love it! Financing from Butterfly Ventures is obviously important for us, but in addition, their encouragement and business coaching has helped us to set our goals right.” (Mikko Savola, CEO of Monidor)

Butterfly invested into Monidor because they have a clear product idea with well-defined market. They also have a very systematic approach to operating the company and clear idea of customer / end user experience driven development process. Butterfly’s investment will be used to finalize and launch the first product version, validating the end user traction and securing the first few paying customers.

Case: Fascia Clothing

fascia-clothing-logo-18.4.2016Muscular balance is an important factor effecting the health. Imbalance can cause numerous problems, including joint injuries, back pain etc. Imbalance can be caused by numerous factors and it’s not just a problem of people who train too little. For instance, professional athletes frequently suffer this problem due to too little training of supportive muscles. Fascia Clothing’s patent pending garments prevent this problem. In effect they’re compression clothing for musculoskeltal system. The body balance is achieved by stimulating the body’s fascia-line network, i.e. utilizing the bio-tensegrity phenomena. It increases the effectiveness of any physical exercise and makes sure that it becomes balanced. In other words, also other than target muscles, including the deep inner muscles, which are maintaining the posture of the joints and the spine, will get the effect. It improves body awareness, control and coordination. Fascia Clothing is the next generation of billion-dollar compression clothing industry.

Prior to Butterfly’s investment Fascia Clothing had produced the first prototypes, secured an industrial partner and filed their first patent application.

“Our garments are suitable for all. While improving physical performance they help also to prevent injuries and for example back problems. Therefore, the market potential is not limited only to athletes. We’ve been discussing with Butterfly well before we were founded. They’re curious, very open for new ideas and their input has been instrumental while taking us where we are. Without Butterfly’s involvement we simply would not exist.” (Marika Heiskanen, Founder of Fascia Clothing)

Butterfly invested into Fascia Clothing because they have a unique elegant approach to making training safer and more effective. Their value proposition is much stronger compared to traditional compression clothing, which is already billion-dollar industry. Furthermore, their team has a great mix of deep physiological expertise combined with top-notch management and marketing talent. Butterfly’s investment will be used to manufacture the first product versions, secure further IP, validate the business model and securing the first few paying reference customers.

Case: StealthCase

stealthcase-logo-12.4.2016Modern society is increasingly dependent on wireless communications. At the same time requirements for energy efficiency in construction have been constantly increasing. Unfortunately, energy efficient construction obstructs also the radio waves causing multitude of low signal ratio related problems. While these problems can be addressed, existing methods are expensive and most of the time they do not fit into existing processes within construction industry. StealthCase tackles the problem where it is born: in the walls. The problem is solved by applying and integrating antenna technologies into construction materials making materials reradiate signals efficiently through them. Unlike traditional solutions, the cost of market adaption of these integrated structures are minimal compared to the customer dissatisfaction or competing solutions.

Prior to Butterfly’s investment StealthCase had filed several patent applications, created proof of concepts that validate the technology as well as started the pilot negotiations with several construction industry players.

“We’ve been discussing of the problem for several years. When Juha, one of the founders, presented the initial solution we instantly understood that we had something special at our hands. As our IPR portfolio expanded, it was clear that an investor was needed. Butterfly has proven to be an excellent partner with low bureaucracy, direct and open interaction and excellent advices in marketing, business model and strategy. We look forward on expanding our business with Butterfly.” (Janne Mansikkamäki, CEO of StealthCase)

Butterfly invested into StealthCase because of their elegant, cost efficient solution to clearly identified need driven by market trend, i.e. energy efficient construction. Every new and renovated building needs their technology. Furthermore, they have secured the core IP and have an agile, well executing team with plenty of experience required for this type of products. Butterfly’s investment will be used to expand the IPRs, finalizing the first product and getting the first few pilot customers.

Case: Fjuul

Fjuul LogoFjuul is a mobile app that turns everyday activities into meaningful exercise. It provides guidance for changing daily behavior and building healthy routines to feel energized and keep in shape. Unlike most of the existing apps and gadgets the Fjuul technology has a strong scientific foundation. It translates daily, casual movement into a new measurement unit called Fjuul Points – a universal “currency” of healthy activities. They measure the intensity of movements and related energy consumption (in medical units called METs). In other words, instead of just counting the steps one takes, with Fjuul users can realize the difference of the daily choices they make, such as taking the stairs instead of using the elevator – they can now learn how the mix of intensities impact their exercise levels. This makes an excellent platform for bringing more value to the millions of mainstream users.

Fjuul offers great user experience and it has been globally featured numerous times.

Fjuul offers great user experience and it has been globally featured numerous times.

Prior to Butterfly’s investment Fjuul had released a second version of its top rated mobile app, which had been globally featured by Apple frequently, secured pre-install deal of the demo app with Apple retail stores as well as being hand-picked as one of the few partners during the Apple Watch launch.

“We appreciate the open communication we have had from day one with the Butterfly team and quickly learned that we get a lot of ideas and expertise on our business model, the proper metrics, and how we could jointly move Fjuul towards our set monetization schemes. In particular, we feel that we get ‘out of the box’ thinking, a down to earth partnership, and a creative approach for further value creation, including some synergetic options within the current portfolio investments and related learnings.” (Sascha Wischek, CEO of Fjuul)

Butterfly invested into Fjuul because they have been able to package the value beyond the steps into a great user experience that could appeal even to the mainstream user groups that aren’t interested of traditional testosterone packed sports tracking applications. This is also confirmed by their strong relationship with Apple. In addition, Fjuul shows very promising metrics and extraordinarily active core user group. They have a great experienced team that has demonstrated their execution capability as well as V3 plans with an appealing value proposition. Butterfly’s investment will be used to develop and launch the V3 product suite and test the new business model and value proposition.

Case: Foodiac

Foodiac LogoConsumers and businesses want more unique and personal dining experiences. At the same time chefs would like to make name and have variety for their work which typical restaurant job doesn’t offer, as well as earn some extra income. Foodiac is a service to facilitate this, it allows anyone to book the best chefs around to cook at their home or corporate events. For chefs it allows easy end-to-end management of customer flow. Foodiac will disrupt the whole $33 billion in-home catering and $36 billion B2B event catering markets, while also challenging the fine-dining restaurants globally.

Foodiac connects the best chefs around with the consumers.

Foodiac connects the best chefs around with the consumers.

Prior to Butterfly’s investment Foodiac has proven the business model locally in Finland by attracting nearly 100 service providers, generating superb metrics, including >1000% google ads ROI, nearly 100k€ incoming monthly RFQs and over 150k€ worth of revenue.

“The market of in-home and event catering are completely untapped markets. Also the restaurant industry has trouble matching the growing requirements of customers. We at Foodiac noticed this opportunity and the response from the markets has been amazing. We’re glad to have Butterfly backing us both financially and with the wide experience they have in growing startups. We just launched in United Arab Emirates and the metrics look even better than in Finland. We are further expanding the concept to Germany in 2015 and using the knowledge of Butterfly to plan the next steps in conquering the world.” (Miikka Mäkiö, CEO of Foodiac)

Butterfly invested into Foodiac because of very professionally carried proof of business pilot in Finland with extraordinary metrics. The team is hard working, smart, agile and capable of delivering results professionally. Butterfly’s investment will be used to validate the business model in international markets outside of Finland.

Case: Fabula

fabula-text-logo-11.8.2015Fabula is an e-books app that allows unlimited access to their e-books inventory through a Spotify type of subscription model. While being very attractive to consumers, their business model fits perfectly for publishers as well. While many players have tried to put together a successful e-books mix, Fabula has nailed to the spot on, giving them a great chance to succeed in billion dollar e-books market.

Fabula offers a great reading experience and an unlimited access to their fast growing inventory of titles (currently >12k titles) through a simple Spotify type of subscription.

Fabula offers a great reading experience and an unlimited access to their fast growing inventory of titles (currently >12k titles) through a simple Spotify type of subscription.

Prior to Butterfly’s investment Fabula has developed the first version of their mobile app, successfully launched the service and taken the leading position in the Latvian e-books subscription market. They have great business metrics, very loyal customer base with high customer lifetime value and their inventory consists of nearly all the publishers in the Latvia.

“Subscription services, like Spotify and Netflix, have taken the market in music and video. However in e-books this is yet to be happen. The fact that people like to read on their own language and lower cost of entry has kept the market more fragmented, furthermore the current business models do have a good fit from publishers’ point of view. We have solved the problem, Fabula is currently leading e-books subscription service in Latvia and our aim is to tap into billion dollar e-books industry and repeat that success in the rest of the world. From our point of view Butterfly is a perfect investor, they have a very constructive hands on approach, provide experience, market knowledge, connections and mentoring. Furthermore their agile approach into business development is a great plus while prioritizing and setting targets to reach the global market and scale up rapidly.” (Eldar Sharafutdinov, CEO of Fabula)

Butterfly invested into Fabula because their business model addresses the needs of different stake holders very well. This is also backed by their metrics. Furthermore they have an excellent hard working team with plenty of ambition. Butterfly’s investment will be used to scale the service and validate the business model in international markets outside of Latvia.